A photographic dialogue project at a shipyard in the port of Hamburg.

In addition or contrary to our previous photographic work in and about the harbor of Hamburg, this time our focus was different. What was of interest to us was the very perspective of the shipyard workers themselves. How would they portray their work place? What was the essence of the shipyard to them?

I do not like to talk about it, but I am here since 1958 on the shipyard, so already I belong to the crazy ones. These are transport chains, the sign shows exactly how much you can lift it. Walter Meyn, shipbuilding foreman

The shipyard is a real bone crusher. Those who pretend that they are still sane at age 50 are lying. Matthias Nagel, shipbuilders

This is my tool box, all I need is in there. When I work on board, I take it with me. Thomas Guth, ship carpenter

The cranes and the dry dock, that makes a shipyard. Today we are only a repair yard. The shipyard stands and falls with the dry docks. Günther Kööp, workers council

I'm here for 39 years and can’t highlight anything specific. Here in the hall all things are important for us. H. Brückmann, master locksmith

For the welders of sub-contractors there is only one shower here on the shipyard. That's not the way it should be. Yilmaz Ilhan, welder

For me, these two phones are important. With them everything is done. If the yard needs something, it has to go fast. H. Buhl, magazine management

I am responsible for the maintenance, care and the driving of the dry dock. With the pendulum I can accurately adjust the tilt of the docks and ships. Klaus Maas, dry dock engineer