Survivors Victims Perpetrators

Tonight @ United Nations in Manhattan, New York City
Opening of the exhibition Survivors Victims Perpetrators with large portraits of Holocaust survivors from Luigi Toscano
A project with the House of the Wannsee Conference Memorial Site in Berlin-Wannsee, Germany

Do angels have sex?

Michelangelo's creation of Adam in a car park in Chelsea, Manhattan, New York

Manifestationen des Religiösen in Amerika

15. Oktober – 22. November 2016
Ausstellugseröffnung am 14. Oktober um 19.00 Uhr

a|e| Galerie: Charlottenstraße 13, 14467 Potsdam Mi–Fr 15–19, Sa 12–16 Uhr

Rocks and Clouds

Mitch Epstein during his opening of "Rocks and Clouds" at Yancey Richardson Gallery, Chelsea | New York

Foxhurst, Bronx

It has always something to do with imagination

Foxhurst, Bronx | New York

In my almost daily strolls through New York I am always surprised by the diversity and vitality of the different neighborhoods.

East Hampton

Beach, East Hampton | Long Island

Looking forward to the next weekend in East Hampton. Here a screenshot of the beach from Google street view...
I think we need to be really careful, because of all the corners and edges.
Apropos, that's not us in the photo!

Washington Cemetery Brooklyn 

Midwood, Brooklyn | New York
Descending from the F-Line at Bay Pkwy in Brooklyn, directly into the Washington Cemetery, I've seen thousands of jewish graves mostly from Russian jews with portraits of the deceased and a lot grave stones in German language